My husband and I were married in a lovely outdoor wedding in September 2013, and Ivy proved to be an ESSENTIAL member of my wedding team. Her styling services are exceptional, and we could never have pulled off the cohesive, head-to-toe beautiful look we achieved without her.  As a bride, there were a million things to worry about and organize.  Having Ivy there throughout the process to coordinate the overall look and accessories for the groomsmen, the groom, the bridesmaids, and me was such a relief.

Once I had my dress, the next big challenge was selecting a dress for my bridesmaids and finding just the right jewelry and shoes for all of us to wear on the big day.  It was important to me that my bridesmaids be comfortable and feel beautiful, each with her own unique look, but still presenting a cohesive picture. With Ivy’s help, we picked different styles of dresses in slightly different fabrics, all the same color and length.  Ivy then found beautiful custom-made jewelry that perfectly coordinated with the dresses as well as each of my bridesmaids’ individual style preferences. We then found shoes that seemed made for the jewelry.  The overall look was flawless.  

When it came to my shoes and jewelry, Ivy did all the work. For shoes, I knew I wanted a sparkly low-wedge heel – a somewhat non-traditional bridal shoe, and Ivy was able to find that exact shoe in NYC.  I never would have found that perfect shoe on my own.  In terms of jewelry, Ivy and I consulted about what I liked and didn’t like.  She then came to one of my early fittings with a variety of different earrings and bracelets for me to try with the dress.  It was great to see the whole look together to figure out exactly which jewelry worked best.  Ivy helped me figure out my hair and make-up and was there every step of the way during fittings and hair and make-up consultations.  On the day of the wedding, Ivy was there, helping everyone in the wedding party get ready, and prepared with every possible fashion fix you can imagine.  With Ivy there, we could let loose, relax, and take comfort in knowing that she would make sure we all looked just right.      

– Michelle Greenberg

I had it in my head that I wanted a bespoke suit for the rehearsal dinner and a new tux, properly tailored, for the wedding. Aside from that, I really had no idea what I wanted and how to get it. Ivy took me from zero to 100, holding my hand through fabric choices, shirt patterns, button locations, tie selection, shoes, and even socks. Not only that but she managed to ensure that my 5 irresponsible groomsmen (and responsible brother-in-law) had properly-fitting, good-looking, coordinated tuxes that were in the dressing room on the wedding day. She left nothing to chance. She worked with each of them to make sure they went to fittings, and she personally picked up all of the tuxes and brought them to our wedding location. She stayed on hand to ensure we were all properly put-together, and displayed exceptional patience dealing with my groomsmen. 10/10 would use again.

– Eric Greenberg


I’ve worked with Ivy for the last two years; she’s transformed both my professional and personal wardrobe.  As a professional woman and mom, finding time for shopping and outfitting is difficult to say the least.  Ivy has made my life easier and is very accommodating to my sometimes insane schedule. She takes the time to understand personal style needs while infusing the latest fashion trends.   I completely trust Ivy’s eye for fashion and am willing to take more risks.  My husband recognized her talent as well and now uses Ivy for his wardrobe!  Ivy goes and above and beyond for her clients…..she’s even outfitted my boys for family pictures!

 Rene L


You know the saying about best kept secrets? Well I am going to share mine: Ivy Costa. I've been working with Ivy for over two years now. I initially engaged Ivy to help me edit my wardrobe and identify gaps.  She immediately established an easy rapport--I felt very comfortable going through my wardrobe with her. She is wonderful at outfitting and identifying pieces that you do or do not need. My favorite thing is the lookbook. This is a compilation of pictures of complete outfits and accessories for you. I am very busy (aren't we all?) with small children and business commitments--the lookbook allows me to quickly dress and get out the door feeling confident and put together. I look forward to working with Ivy for many years to come.

- CH, Hyde Park

I have neither the time nor the taste to style myself let alone build a wardrobe. Not only does Ivy find distinctive and interesting pieces, Ivy saves me money because she knows where to find comparable alternatives to high end labels without sacrificing aesthetics. Her expertise keeps me from making faulty purchases. From casual outfits I can wear to a party to impeccably tailored suits, Ivy has transformed my wardrobe into something current and unique. I don’t know where I’d be without her.

- BH, Hyde Park


In my mid-twenties, I found myself in a unique place. I was the owner of a few successful companies I started years ago and was managing lots of clients in a dozen cities, traveling part of the year and working every single day on work I loved. This was juxtaposed with establishing more personal (and important!) aspects of my life. To put it simply, while the business side of things seemed to be ahead of schedule, the personal side of things seemed about normal for a gal in her mid-twenties—I was preparing to buy my first house! I had paid off my new car! I needed to transition in some way and I felt it.

I decided to work with Ivy and have to say that it simplified my life in the most beautiful way. The impact working with a wardrobe stylist has had on my life as I've moved into my late 20s (and soon to be hitting 30s!) has been tremendous.

During my initial Wardrobe Consultation, Ivy and I discussed my future ambitions for my business and personal life. After editing through my vast wardrobe (mostly full of things I wasn't wearing, but was attached to for one reason or another), we began to plan who the new Cole was going to be. I wanted my wardrobe to reflect who I had become: a young, energetic, ambitious business-woman and wife.

Ivy’s plan for me began with shopping for a new wardrobe that was relevant to my lifestyle. My husband (Victor) accompanied us to learn how Ivy would shop for me and to be another objective voice. Since I was going through the experience, I was glad to have him there to pay closer attention to what colors, shapes and styles looked best on me and how to mix and match the items that we purchased. Growing up in a household of women-fashionistas, Victor developed quite the eye for shopping! Plus, it was actually a fun thing to do together.

After shopping was wrapped up and my wardrobe started coming together, Ivy and I moved on to my hair and makeup. Ivy matched me up with a hair stylist and makeup artist that she believed would take the best care of me. As a result, I am a polished Cole! My outward image is a true reflection of who I really am and my life is simpler, easier and better because of it.

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